Friday, October 31, 2003

10/31/03: Happy Halloween! It is COLD. I am sitting in my apartment and my fingers are literally going numb. I cranked the heat but it is taking its sweet damn time. It turned seasons in the blink of an eye...all the fall colors are out, and it is decidedly frosty in the mornings. Brr.
So at this momentous occasion, I must think back to all the previous Halloweens/birthdays in my short but jampacked life. I remember the party I had at the Gymnastics place, everyone wore Halloween costumes and we had a pinata, and then possibly we stayed the night at the gym. I remember lots of trick or treating in downtown Issaquah. I remember a party and trick or treating with a big group of girls in high school. Then of course, last year, when I, along with my teammates, spent Halloween packing to go back to Perry Point, and deep-cleaning the Bridgeport Habitat house. What an interesting array of history.

It's the end of yet another month. Crazy. Time is flying like nobody's business. I am reading another big book, which makes me a little impatient. Instant gratification, man.

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