Thursday, April 13, 2006

Freedom! Hurrah!

We made it to spring break. It's a miracle!

I haven't updated in what seems like forever, and I'm sure there's a lot to update.

Mostly, I've been tired. Class sucks and teaching was getting tedious.

In a few minutes, I am leaving for the airport. I am headed to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort, with Hands On New Orleans. I am very excited to get down there and do whatever I can. Right now I'm terribly tired and a bit stressed, with the shopping and packing and all that. But once I get to the airport, all will be good.

I expect there will be computer access there, so I will update as soon as possible. Hopefully with pictures!

Have an excellent Passover, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Spring Break, everyone!

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Gwennaƫlle said...

Still rebuilding New-Orleans? We don't hear much about it here.