Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog? What Blog?

Yes, I am alive and yep, quite busy. I've been working at the portrait studio in the evenings and at schools during the days for the last week and a half. Over the weekend, I went to DC for a massive flickr meet up. It was quite fun and there was lots of laughing and inappropriate pictures, and of course, great people.

Here is the peanut butter pie I had in honor of Pi Day, at Old Ebbitt Grill. Oh. My. God. Quite possibly the best pie I've ever had. Next time you're in DC, go try some for yourself. (The regular food is supposed to be pretty great too; after my salad and fries this was essentially my entree :D).

I flopped right down on the ground to get this shot. Apparently people were pointing and staring, but eh, who cares. :)
The weather turned icky later in the afternoon, but it was perfect for this shot, a partner to that other rainy day tree photo.

Apparently a few cherry blossoms were around but I missed them. These were the only flowery bits I caught.

Cliche selected color shot at the Vietnam Memorial.

Today I had a full day off, and lo, it was glorious! I slept for twelve hours, got my eyebrows done (finally!!), walked in the beautiful warm sunshine to the bank and library, and then did laundry. Last night I did my taxes too, which is excellent timing for my languishing bank account.
Going to a new school to sub tomorrow, wish me luck! Hope to have some time soon to visit everyone's blogs. Have a good weekend, everyone!


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Whew! You ARE alive and well--and your photographer's eye is getting better and better. (Even though you think the shot at the Wall is a cliche, I think it's powerful.)

17 (really 15) more years said...

You know how I love your rainy day photos Jules- nice job.

yomister said...

The photos are excellent!

Schoolgal said...

Your photos are beautiful. I think you are learning to enjoy your "time off" and energize your creative talents.

So I take it you are subbing? I am glad because it's good pay in your pocket and gives you freedom to enjoy your true passion.