Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Hey look, I'm not dead! I've just been enjoying ice cream in the park for the last month. Haha, I wish.

Actually, things have been busy but okay. Coming back after midwinter break, I was not excited. However, strangely, my class has settled down a bit. There are still plenty of moments of madness, but overall, things are smoother and a little easier. I'm still behind on lesson planning, but I'm not feeling as stressed while I'm at school. I'm even, finally, sleeping a little better.

The warmer weather and more daylight this week have made me feel so much better, too. More hopeful even.

We have one more week of school until spring break! And then there are only three months of school left. That really doesn't seem so bad.

My photo class is ending this week, and I think I might sign up for another one. It's really fun to be out during the week doing something completely non-school and non-teacher related. The price is very affordable too. (Check it out: Educational Alliance)

1 comment:

Schoolgal said...

Glad you are back posting--although you broke one of your resolutions to post more often :(

Glad the classes have shown some improvement, but now that's it almost over, do you see this for you next year??

Wish you would post more of your pics or give a link to it.