Monday, May 24, 2010

five weeks!

it's been more than five weeks since i updated for real, and we only have five weeks left of school!!!
i know we're all at the countdown stage by now, right? :)

i caught senioritis pretty early on and have been mentally half checked out for at least two weeks. however, june promises to be pretty cool (not literally of course; enter the kids' nonstop whining about no air conditioning here) with lots of field trips! I've got two booked and am working on a third, plus we'll do a field day. that's four in one month! sweet!

i got a nasty cold two weeks ago and actually took TWO days off from school. this has never happened. usually i get sick, hack and cough and feel miserable at school for a few days, finally take a day, and go back feeling just as gross. please note, however, that the two days were not in a row. which was stupid because i was at school for two full days (and one was a trip!) with barely a voice.

but i'm much better now. :)
especially knowing that there are five weeks left!

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You're even closer to the finish line now than when you first wrote this post. Isn't it amazing how seeing the end draw near can give you hope and endurance? :-)

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