Monday, January 02, 2012

I am sad about the end of vacation

I've gotten so much done, which feels great.

January is going to be really busy, which makes me a bit nervous. Like I need to gear up. And like I'm not ready for it to start TOMORROW. I don't think I've gotten enough rest. 

Plus I'm all out of sorts about my goals list. I've been working on one, but it doesn't feel complete, or something. But I guess I'll still try to post and get started with them.

We took down our Christmas tree last night, and brought the tree to our nearby park to be mulched this weekend. Happily Mister M agreed to keep the lights we have strung around the living room up for a little while longer, even if it is college-y. :)

I spent a bunch of time today working on some potential new photo sites. That, and the photo business thing, is something that I really need to figure out and get resolved. It's got me all confuzzled. First, should I do it? I would like to talk to a third party about it and find out if I really have the skills, and if the cost of set-up is something worth it for me to do. Then, if I go for it, I'll need to set up some business accounts and other things. And really, I'll need to get my ass in gear about marketing.

But all that is still in the future. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and the real start of a new month. Lots of new things to come.

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