Friday, May 04, 2012

i know, i know

It's not an excuse, but things really have been busy.

I've been traveling a bit more for work, and weekends fill up quickly. So when I have time to be quietly at home in the evenings, I do. I've been trying to do less internet, to varying success. It's nice but then I feel constantly behind.

Overall, 2012 continues to be a busy, different kind of year. Some things are cooking up for the near future, and in time I'll share some plans/hopes.

At the moment though, I'm procrastinating (damn you, full googlereader) on preparing for a vacation. The flight leaves in 24 hours, and I have to finish packing, do a shoot in the morning, tidy up, and most importantly, figure out what craft projects to do! (I am using Mister M's old kindle [he got a shiny new one for Christmas] for travel reading. I'm not a fan of the experience, but I love having lots of books at hand without the weight and of course the Sophie's choice of which to bring. Just now I downloaded five more books from the library! Whee!)

Mister Melancholy and I are heading to central Europe for just over a week: Budapest, Prague, Vienna. We are excited but perhaps not enough, as again, we have a LOT of preparation still to do! I am very excited to be on a trip to beautiful old cities with a good camera. Plus I'm bringing my film camera to play with, along with some black and white film. Yum!

And yes, I know that a year ago we returned from two weeks in Greece and I never posted anything except maybe one photo. I hope that I'll do more this time around. And then do some catch-up on previous travels too. See above re: busy and less internet though. But we'll see.

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