Friday, October 26, 2001

2001 Road Trip, Part Two

Today is October 26, 2001. There has been a slight change of plan, so to speak. I am at home! I spent exactly three weeks in Los Angeles. I definitely enjoyed being there, it's an exciting place to be. I shall return when I have my head together more, when I have plenty of time, and when I have enough money to get set up comfortably.

So it's been approximately 25 hours since my return. I made it in record time: I drove seven hours on Wednesday, and ten on Thursday, breezing from mid-northern California (fifty miles from Redding), through the entire lovely state of Oregon, and back to Home Sweet Renton. This morning I took everything back out of my car, but other than putting my stereo up, that's as far as I got; everything is strewn on the floor.
My plan so far is to get out there and find work; money has to be my priority. Plus I'm looking forward to finding some new, different work. That is an exciting though scary thought. I've got some ideas already and one of them is to scour the Sunday classifieds.

I haven't really told people yet; I feel kind of weird about suddenly being back. I wanted things to be different but I guess they're not. And I know no one's reading this, but that's okay. :) I'm not sure if I need to tell people either; I can never tell when it's that stage of growing apart. Depressing, eh?

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