Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Good evening. It is November 14.

While out yesterday, I locked my keys in my car. Somehow they flung themselves out of my hand before exiting the vehicle. No idea. So I panicked for awhile. Then I sought the help of the University Police who were at QFC. One kindly decided to help me, and he successfully jimmied the door for me. Thank you, kind sir!! So today, I prepared to counteract any future stupidity. I plan on giving everyone I know a copy of my key in case I lose it (my key, not my mind. What's wrong with you?) or lock it somewhere useless again, and I have a hideakey thing too.

I was supposed to pick up a paycheck today, for my hard work of last week. However, due to somebody's oversight, they mailed it instead. So who knows when I'll receive it. Oh well, I should just be happy that I almost have some money. Yeah, that's right.

Oh! We have a serious winter storm on our hands. It has been raining for two days straight, and there is standing rain all over the roads and freeways. Thankfully, none of my families live near any of the local rising river. It's turning out like Hard Rain, but without Christian Slater. Thank goodness.

I made another trip to the King County Library, this time in Mercer Island. I had to call my mom, who is working in Utah (I heard someone call it Ootah the other day on the radio-funny! Like Canadia), to tell me where the Mercer Island Library was. I have been a library fiend recently, going like three times a week. God Bless Free Books. That's got to be one of my Happy Thoughts.

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