Saturday, November 24, 2001

Happy Post-Thanksgiving. My holiday was pretty quiet, not very exciting. I'm not a big Thanksgiving fan, mostly because of the ignored inherent racism, but also in large part due to the fact that I don't eat any Thanksgiving food. Last year I had two rolls and dessert. This year I really pigged out, with two rolls, a yogurt, and dessert. Whew, I was so full.

Yesterday I got an unexpected call to go to work, with the other temp agency. So, with the prospect of much-needed money luring me out of bed, I agreed. Yay.

Oh! More news regarding Julie's future. I finally got the information packet from Americorps. I am going to Maryland at the end of January, which we knew already. But now I have more details about what to bring and what's going to happen. Not the missions or anything, that doesn't happen til we get there, but the structure of things. They're gonna make us do a lot of physical training. Which, perversely, I am looking forward to. I need discipline to get off my butt and get active.

The car thing is my current quandary. There's no point in keeping it at home for ten months, and it would be wonderful to have a car in Maryland, seeing as how the campus is in the middle of nowhere. With a car, I can explore the entire Eastern seaboard, which I've never seen. So I should take the car with me. The problem is how to get it there. Driving across the entire country in the dead of snowy, blizzardy winter would be dangerous, especially as I'll most likely be on my own. Shipping it would cost way too much money. So we need to do some problem-solving, and quickly.

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