Friday, December 07, 2001

December 7, 2001. Several things: one, it looks like the driving thing is out, due to way too much danger and uncertainty. Which is okay. That gives me more time to work while still at home, meaning: earn money. Speaking of money...I got a new job today! Woo! If you would like to know more about it, you'll have to contact me, and prove that you're there, or here, or... I'm saying this because I know no one is there and thus there is no point anyway. Or something, I'm confused now. But anyway, it's very exciting! No more boring filing slave status! Good thing too; I've been so bored out of my skull that I coudn't even sleep.And hey, this whole Green River dude all of a sudden, is this creepy or what? I hope they get it solved and can connect him to all the crimes and get his ass in jail. Ick. People are weird, dude, especially people that kill people. It's so unreal, you know?

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