Saturday, December 29, 2001

Only a few short days until the New Year. Very odd, I feel like this year has just sped by. A lot of things have happened. My life has seen some new and interesting things happen or change. Here is what I have done in the past six months: graduated from college, traveled around three new countries, fell in love with Greece and Italy, bought a new car, finally quit Starbucks, drove down the West Coast alone, moved to Los Angeles, where I sought work, saw famous people, and secured a brief but educational internship, moved home, found new jobs, not once but twice, and had a crappy-ass 22nd birthday. Whew! Quite impressive. I really must remember this when I feel depressed at my life's aimlessness and lack of exciting stuff.

Yesterday I watched the movie "crazy/beautiful." It was amazing. Understated but meaningful. The direction, script, cinematography all came together to make an incredible film. Movies are so cool. I can't wait to move back to LA and learn more about the whole process. I think I would be a good set dresser. It would put to great use my attention to detail and obtuseness. And I want to perform, but I don't know that movies or tv would be my ideal thing. I would love to get in a theatre class and do some plays and just have fun. That would be so wonderful.

Anyway. Earlier last week, two friends and I went to the Seattle Art Museum for the exhibition of Annie Leibovitz' latest project, called "Women." It was incredible. The photographs were stunning and thought-provoking. I loved the way she put the exhibition together, contrasting images. For instance, at one spot, on the left were two stark, black-and-white close-ups of battered women, and on the right was a photo of three middle-aged Texan socialites, looking so self-important and disdainful. It was a powerful juxtaposition, one example of the division of labor and power in our country.

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