Saturday, April 13, 2002

04/13/02: We just finished Week 7 of our project. One more week and then no more kids. That's just starting to occur to us, that in a week our whole world will be turned upside down. We won't be at school seeing those great kids, we won't have our houses and the campus to ourselves, we'll get our new project and leave for it and then live together for two months. Crazy stuff, man.

This was a pretty eventful week. On Monday, Channel 13 News finally aired our clip. They came to school two weeks ago and filmed us with some of the kids. Our blurb was just that, a blurb--ninety seconds. But it was a good ninety seconds. We were all excited that we got on TV and that the news got a lot of information in about us.

On Tuesday we played ultimate frisbee for PT. Other folks kept joining in the game, until at one point we had 24 people on the field at once! It was complete madness, and it was great. The game went on (with smaller numbers) for nearly two hours. The game was even better because it was drizzly out but still warm, so most everyone was barefoot and shirtless. Good times.

Wednesday morning we got to school amidst a small crisis. They had found a body on the playground. So the morning entrance routines were all thrown off, and of course everyone was pretty freaked. Turned out to be a white woman between 25 and 40, the murder was possibly drug-related. Being a team of mostly white people, we were even more worried about our safety in the all-black neighborhood of our school. Thursday was Shannon's birthday (and happy birthday Brandon, too), so the team went out for a dress-up dinner in Havre de Grace. There was much beer and merriment. We all stayed out way too late, and we all had a great time.

On Friday morning, the team was exhausted, of course. Three of us took a "field trip" to the doctor. I sprained some tendons in my foot during that ultimate game, so I got some horse pills of ibuprofen and a note excusing me from PT for next week. It hurts to walk, which really sucks.

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