Tuesday, April 16, 2002

04/16/02: Hey y'all! So it's Tuesday now and Friday is the last day at school. Boo hoo!

So I hear that back home there was a record set for rainfall. Well, here in the Baltimore area, today a new record was set for high temperature. 90 degrees, plus! It was 80 already at 8AM. Blechh. It's lovely, don't get me wrong, but it's so stifling and icky sweaty. What's worse is that the AC at school doesn't work. That means that it was as hot and sticky inside as it was outside. Poor kids. And poor us, too.

Yesterday we finally found out our new project. It's in New Jersey, way up in the northwest corner near the Appalachian Trail (the nearest town is Milford, look it up, it's the middle of nowhere). We'll be at a camp in the woods in the "mountains," getting it ready for summer. The camp is for inner city kids, and there's all kinds of activities, from what we hear. We're excited. It's going to be fun, if lonely. I'm looking forward to camping out under the stars on the weekends. Oh, and there's bears. Fun times!

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