Monday, December 03, 2007

Planning to Plan!

I've slowly become intrigued, interested and addicted to shows on channels like TLC and HGTV. On weekends, BF and I love to watch What Not to Wear with our tv friends Stacy and Clinton.

Yesterday I happened upon an episode of My First Place. As the name implies, the show profiles a person or couple who is shopping for their first home. Oh, and the best part is that they surprise them at the end by styling and furnishing a room. Well, I set the DVR to record all episodes and I watched one tonight, about an exuberant young teacher in Atlanta. She found a really cute townhouse and was so thrilled to move in to her own place.

Last night, inspired by this show, I went online to look at house prices. I only looked at a couple cities and areas, but it was exciting just to think about having a real place of my own. A house with a yard? A cheaper, newer townhouse? Hardwood floors or carpet? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? How much of a payment could I afford? What kind of furnishings and design can I do? Will there be someone living there with me? Ooh, it's confusing and overwhelming, but definitely in an exciting, grown-up way.

Partnering with that, I officially, sort of, began a job search. I registered and created profiles on a few charter school job sites, and I looked at a couple state sites and job boards.

Since it's so early in the year, I know nothing is going to happen and jobs won't really be listed yet. All the same, it feels good to do something proactive and begin thinking about possibilities.


Schoolgal said...

You will be surprised how many teaching jobs open up in January.
Some teachers go on child care, others retire, and some quit.

It's when you least expect it that the doors will open. I am sure many admins are reading your resume and, if possible, are thinking about ways to hire you soon.

The sad side of all of this is the fact that your new administrators have no idea how their inaction has moved you to this decision.

Does Klein even care? No.

Nancy said...

Yay for housebuying! Buying my apartment was exciting but we're even more excited to buy a real house NOT IN NYC. :) Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or need advice.

X said...

You are awesome!

hedgetoad said...

If you're looking to come back to the west coast, I can heartily recommend our little corner of the world. You're already used to rain and Olympia can be quite cosmopolitan... best of all, a single teacher can easily by a good sized house with a yard and still afford to travel.