Thursday, October 09, 2008

hey hey now

I didn't cry today!

The end of last week and beginning of this week were really rough for me. I didn't like myself or my job one bit.

I currently owe my one measly shred of sanity to Ambien, and so far the best part is that tomorrow will be Friday.

I feel way behind on content, but my principal--so far--is totally supportive and would rather focus on real learning than on tests. Which isn't as easy as it sounds, because there are plenty of students who still haven't apparently grasped some basics. And with my management it's hard to keep the classes moving with the learning stuff. The classes themselves need a lot of work, and by that I mean me and my planning and the activities and such. Right now it's all quite boring, so I can't blame the kiddies too much for the troubles they've given me.

However, this is going to be a three day weekend--hallefreakinglujah!


Anonymous said...

I second that!

I heart three day weekends.

Enjoy yours, my dear - you've sure as hell earned it!

artichoke said...

Have you considered changing jobs? You might be happier and there is nothing wrong with changing jobs during the school year! Just a thought that might be worth considering!

Schoolgal said...

You sound like you are giving it your all, although I am still not sure what subject your are teaching. I know your background is English/Language Arts, but I feel this is not the subject at hand.

While I know your history with your other school, I do hope you decided on a Leave Without Pay rather than resigning because you still have one year and a day to return with all your seniority in tact if this situation is not right for you. And, if it isn't, I hope you continue your journey to find one that is.

btw, did you read "Ms. Dennis'" NY Times article on a new charter school? The comments were very interesting.