Saturday, November 08, 2008

A bunch of interesting things I could write about

...But I'm not gonna.

Instead, I will try to articulate something that's been irritating me for awhile now. I was in my old neighborhood, had a few minutes, and decided to check out Ann Taylor Loft. In the sale section, I picked out some trousers and tops to try on.

And none of them fit! But here's the stupid thing--they were all too big!

No, I'm not complaining, exactly. But the sizing of clothes has really gotten out of hand--I'm beginning to think it's all an outright lie. See, in high school I was a size 7/8, in college a 10. When I moved to New York, within a year I was back to 8, and then a 6. A six! I hadn't fit into one of those since I was maybe in early high school. I figured that even though I hadn't lost weight or inches, I had started walking around more, and maybe that was the reason. But still, two full sizes seemed a little extreme. Anyway, so for the last four years, I've worn 6s in trousers and dresses, and sometimes small tops.

Now, my body hasn't changed that much in the last fifteen years. I'm 5'7" and a half ish, I weigh between 140-150--I'm not a tiny girl. A six sounds like it should be for tiny, tidy girls. My belly is not flat; my inner and outer thighs are not toned; my chest is not small. I've worked out exactly two times in the last three-plus months, and I've not at all been eating healthfully. And today, the size six was TOO BIG! I bought two pairs of size four trousers! What the hell?? Don't lie to me, fashion industry! A person with 38-inch hips should not wear a size FOUR!


17 (really 15) more years said...

Now J- don't take this the wrong way- but Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor loft are notorious for attaching- how should I put this- labels with smaller sizes to- ahem- those of us who are not, by any stretch of the imagination - thin. Take me for example- I can wear an 8 in Ann Taylor- but trust me, I am FAR FAR FAR from an 8 (I haven't worn an 8 since high school, although there was that brief period in 2003 after I had the systemic infection- but that's another story). In any case, when I want to feel thin, it's off to Ann Taylor I go.

I hope you know that Ann Taylor/Loft hearts teachers and gives us a 15% discount at all times.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way, Jules.

Especially when trying on swimsuits, though the sizing issues go the other way.

At 5'1", 120-125 pounds I'm not fat, but I'm not model thin, either. I have hips. And thighs. And a butt.

I try on a medium and am so disgusted - it looks like my 10 year old students could wear it. Having to try on a large? Great for the self-esteem!

In certain stores, I've been able to fit into 2s and 4s. With hips! And a butt!

Seriously?! While, in some instances, I'm not complaining, there are times when it just doesn't seem right somehow.

Joanne Jacobs said...

I just bought a pair of size 8 pants. The last time I wore a size 8, about 25 years ago, I weighed 25 pounds less than I do now. A lot of makers are playing games with sizes.

AMPlifier said...

Thank God! I have been wondering what my problem has been the past several months - whenever I've gone shopping for jeans or pants I've had to get 2 or 3 sizes smaller than I did in the past - and I'm not doing anything differently in the eating/exercising department, either! The most recent pair of pants I bought from ATL was - drumroll, please - in a SIZE ZERO, which never in my life had I worn before! I was a 4 in their pants sizes until then!

Then, a couple of months ago I was jeans shopping at the Express, and had to buy in size 2 - another first. Five or so years ago I'd be buying them in a size 6 from that store! I've been worried that I've developed some sort of disease since then. Not cool.