Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sudafed is my hero.

I would like to give a bear hug to the person that invented it. It's like a miracle--I can breathe freely again!

I am totally bodily exhausted today. Last night I tried not to fall asleep at 9pm. I was actually so tired that when I went to bed, I had a hard time falling all the way asleep.I already took a sort of nap this morning, it's now 2pm, and I still feel all beat up and weak.

I have errands to run, though, so I hope I can get it together to get on the train.

I've had some emotional meetings at school this week and truly don't know what my future is at this school.


Schoolgal said...

I have to tell you that I was not always a fan of charters, but I always thought they enforced a stricter discipline code.

Your stories seem to reflect the opposite. And honestly, I don't know what this administration is doing about the lack of respect coming from these students. I also think it is unfair to make you teach subjects that are not in your license area. That would be illegal (although many principals try to get away with it) in the NYC Public Schools.

I wish you would post changes you would like to see in this school the way you used to do with your old school.

Schoolgal said...

Ms. Dennis is involved in a new charter school. Go to her site to learn more about this school and email her if you are interested.