Friday, December 26, 2008

(you) wish you were here

Guatemala is beautiful. The weather is sunny and warm--no ice or snow in sight!

The first day and a half in Guatemala City were pretty great. My host Maria (flickrfriend of a flickrfriend; now my own flickrfriend) picked me up, settled me in at her house, and introduced me to her wonderfully kind and friendly family. Unfortunately we couldn´t walk around to see any sights, because it´s too dangerous. Instead we did a driving tour around and then above the city. I´m on my own again in Antigua right now, which is ridiculously picturesque. Spent the day walking around the town, visiting various churchy ruins and making travel arrangements. Tomorrow morning before dawn, I will depart and head for Tikal! After that I am hoping to visit Panajachel at Lake Atitlan and perhaps camp on a volcano overnight before heading home to wintery New York.

Seriously, it is beautiful here. Many, many photos will be here next week.


This Brazen Teacher said...

I am so. insanely. jealous. Checked out some of your pics which are very good. Can't wait to see the ones from Guatemala.

Teacher said...

Sounds amazing! I really need to plan a wonderful trip like that soon! My break has been spent sleeping... A lot.

Meant to ask you... I'm getting my first Digital SLR in January. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Can't... wait... to see pictures!!!!!!