Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hate Sunday nights

This was a pretty decent weekend, though, especially because it was such a shitty week.

I took a photowalk in the sleeting rain after school on Friday (see previous post) to check out the new snow. I came home soaked but stoked and re-energized.

I slept for nine hours on Friday night and then got lots of things done on Saturday. Finally mailed a bunch of Xmas things as well as the official complaint about my previous landlord (battling over the security deposit because he's a jerkoff). My eyebrows have been tamed once again! (Although I have to say that I have yet to be pleased with an eyebrow wax from the number of places I've gone. I miss the reliably good place across the street from my old apartment.) I ran some other errands and the BF and I had a nice dinner at the Mexican place down the block. And then I finished my knitting project! I'm so excited and proud about that. This represents a bunch of successful firsts for me: knitting on circular needles (though not in the round), following a pattern (though a ridiculously easy one), making stripes, picking up dropped stitches (it took several trial-and-errors, and there's still one little hole), and sewing up the seam (which I haven't actually started yet).

I've been trying to eat enough this weekend too. For the last couple weeks, my clothes and my ring have been falling off. I don't think I've been eating very much or drinking enough water.

Saturday night I went to bed sometime after midnight and slept quite well, despite awful, violence- and frustration-filled dreams. Finally I stretched and checked out the time--1pm! Whoa. I've never been one to sleep ridiculously late, but man was it nice. I do love my weekends.
Met the girls for lunch and then a trip to the photo store! One friend bought her first DSLR--so exciting! Another bought a new lens and I bought myself that cheap 50mm lens as well as a camera backpack. It should be perfect for being out and about on my trip, because in addition to space for all my camera and accessories, there's more space for books, maybe some knitting, and a snack or something.

Speaking of my trip, I leave in less than three days, holy crap. I took my suitcase out yesterday, and so far all I've 'packed' is my passport, guidebook, and converter. I have to do laundry sometime before I go--maybe Tuesday afternoon? I should probably start a list of things to take. The weather is much warmer there than here, which should feel wonderful.

Here's a shot with my new lens!

Technically I'm not ready for teaching tomorrow morning, but I really don't care. So there.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

You had to teach today? Seriously? I thought every school in the USA was shut down tight this week. What kind of school do you work at anyway? :-)

Anonymous said...

A trip?! To somewhere WARMER?!?!

I'm so verrrrrrrrrry jealous!!