Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

I could have used some Zen today. The kids were *worse.*

Big fight broke out in my room yesterday. The other kids immediately tried to separate them and at least five teachers saw/heard it from the hallway and stormed in.

Today? Both the kids back in class.

I think that is DISGUSTING.

I had to call a parent in class at the end of the day, because a child was flipping off another child. While I was watching and telling him to stop. He just kept waving them around, chanting, it's just a finger! it's just a finger! I talked to the dad, put the kid on the phone, and then I got the phone again. He tried to tell me about some bullshit tale the kid spun and I cut him off politely but also tiredly. "Sir," I said, trying to keep the edge out of my voice, because REALLY, "that is nonsense. He is making stuff up."

Today I really did contemplate throwing in the towel, because this shit is NOT worth the hundred dollars a day that I clear. They're starting to get to me and I don't need that crap. From eleven year olds.

We don't have school tomorrow! Oh thank God, Zeus, and all the other deities!

Here is my tentative to-do list:
Sleep in.
Lay about like a bum.
Perhaps nap if I feel like it.
Go the library!
Go into the city.
Get a haircut finally.
Get my crazy eyebrows waxed (it's been two months!).
Buy a new gorillapod (mine has lost most of its structural integrity).
Go home.
Laze about some more.


Anonymous said...

This is long-term?

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I hate to make you envious, but at my school, when kids fight, they're suspended for three days--and the suspension begins just as soon as the fight ends!

Enjoy your day off. You need it!

Schoolgal said...

Keep in mind kids get like this towards the end and the principal didn't want to add any suspensions to the record at the end of the year. However, why aren't you sending these kids like the kid flipping the other kid to the office instead of trying to handle it yourself?? You don't have to put up with this.

Keep working, but work smart and go for the support networks available. You have nothing to lose since this is not your regular job. But you may be entitled to some benefits (have you checked into that??)

How did you get out of PD?? Is it because you're a sub?? Whoo-hoo!!