Monday, June 01, 2009

What's that I see?

Oh yes! It's the end of the tunnel! It's in sight!
Yes, folks, today it is finally, actually JUNE.

Which means, ridiculously, that we have a mere four weeks left. Well, four weeks minus one day, after today, of course.

Last week, That Kid made me lose my teacherly composure. He started waving out the window (we're on the top floor). I gave him a "wtf" look. "I'm saying hi to the trees! They're my friends!" Then he gestured toward me, and he shook his head witheringly at the windows and then proceeded to mime an animated conversation. Really, I had to smile. Later he started licking his arm. Another 'wtf' look from me. He said impatiently, "I'm giving myself a bath!" That Kid, indeed.

The week before, when it was really sunny and gorgeous, I put forth an extra ninety seconds of effort and wore my contacts. Halfway through the day, a girl suddenly asked me, "Miss, where are your glasses?" Right on cue, another goes chimes in, "What glasses?"

I wear glasses every day.

BUT! Maybe now that it's JUNE! WOO! I will need those contacts a bit more!


bun2bon said...

Haha! I wear glasses too and it always shocks some of my students when I show up without them.

I typically tell them that I lost them. Once, just once, a student started dancing a jig at his desk and when I called him on it he said, "But how can you see???"

Mister Teacher said...

FOUR weeks left? When did you guys start, pray tell??

We have TWO DAYS left!!!