Friday, November 06, 2009

Funny boys

M: How'd you get in here?!
Me: What here?
M: The park. I didn't see you.
Me: Maybe I used magic.
M: You don't have magical powers!
Me: What?!!
M: Well, the only powers I know you have are teaching and charms.


Me, hands on hips, surveying the cafeteria as my students line up.
Goofball: Wonder Woman!
A second later
Goofball: Wonder Woman and Superman to save the day! (puts arms up in superhero pose)


Goofball: You said something about my mother.
Shorty: No I didn't.
Goofball: Yes you did!
Shorty: No I didn't.
Goofball: Liar! Liar liar pants on fire!
Shorty: [glances down at pants]
Me, laughing: Well, are your pants on fire?
Goofball: Your pants are burning!


Me, knitting at my desk during inside recess.
Tall Kid and M rush over.
M: Miss, you know how to knit?
Tall: Of course she knits, she's a mother!
Me and M: What!
Tall: Well, she's a wife.
M: Naww.
Tall: She's got the ring. It's a small diamond, though. (Oh burn! My ring is not on the ring finger; it was a first anniversary present from the boyfriend.)


Student: Miss, you're lucky.
Me: Why, because I'm so awesome?
Student: No, because you don't have to wear a uniform.


Ms. M said...

Omg, I love the wonder woman one! Sometimes it nice to just have fun with the kids. I put the radio on for my group of newcomers yesterday and MJ came on and one kid jumped up and started doing MJ dance moves. He was so good (and funny) that I just let him :)

Amy said...

Aw, I like your sarcasm.

Schoolgal said...

Great moments. I hope all is starting to fall into place.