Friday, November 27, 2009


I have some amazing people in my life: a boyfriend who loves me and treats me well, friends to talk and play and take photos with. They know that I'm weird but they love me anyway. :)

I love my apartment. It's spacious and the heating works and the view is lovely. It's convenient to trains and plenty of shopping.

I have a job. The hours and the stress and the misbehavior get to me often, and I have a couple kids I'd like to throw out the window, but Goofball loves giving me hugs and makes me laugh, and one of my girls included me in her list of things she's thankful for. We did a little "performance" for an assembly this week, and they were nervous but it was really cute. My colleagues are really great and supportive too.

I have money! My salary isn't very high, but since I don't spend a lot, my cushion is back where it used to be and I feel no more of the anxiety of not having a big enough paycheck, or of not getting one at all. In fact I have enough that I have demanded to myself that I take a trip very soon! We had wanted to go to Costa Rica for Christmas, but the prices haven't been low enough. Plus my passport is expiring in a couple months and I have been too lazy to get things together. But once I do, off to see the world I go!

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Get your passport renewed--now! You never know when an airfare bargain will come along.

I looked at Central America for Christmas, but airfare was/is way too high, so I've settled for Canada instead. I'm looking forward to a week-long jaunt to Vancouver Island.