Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goal updates

There are definitely some things I could actually write about, but I'm too tired for that. Instead, I will share updates on my year goals. They've been

First, the positives:
-I have successfully posted here once a week. I think.
-I posted a couple times on my photo blog already this month.
-I have worked out at least once for four weeks of the five (counting this morning for this week).
-I have been making small granny squares to eventually make a blanket (?). So far I've got sixteen.
-I've been keeping my eye out and sending emails about photo opportunities.
-I opened a new savings account specifically for the new camera. (Since a new lens costs about half as much as the D300, I figured it would make more sense to just save for the camera.)
-I signed up for a photography class! It starts this week!

Not so positive:
-I have not been so great about doing my dishes. It's been about half and half, maybe, that I clear everything away.
-I haven't written a letter yet. There are a couple I have in mind to write, but of course I have been too lazy thus far. I still have a week or so for that 'deadline.' Also, I owe some family some presents, that I have completely not gotten or even thought about. Very bad job.
-No progress on the home decor.
-I need to work on my finance stuff and roll over previous retirement accounts. I've put that off for months already.

I'm glad that I recorded these goals. I have them in a little notebook so that I can jot down notes and thoughts and updates. I find they're a lot more real this way and I want to be more successful seeing them written down. Of course, it hasn't even been a month yet, so it's all still pretty fresh. The test will come farther down the road to see if I'm still thinking about them.


Schoolgal said...

Thanks to you, I have followed the dirty dishes goal. Even if I am tired I do them. I also started to put 10% of my pension check into savings.

But the year is still young so you have time to do the dishes. I just hope I continue to save my check because I have not been so good with that since I retired.

I think taking a photo class is great. You will enjoy it. As for gift ideas, I bet some of your photos would make great presents.

kathleen said...

Remember how setting out to accomplish one small thing can lead you away from the platform of procrastination and turn you toward the arena of achievement...small steps build into a true journey as long as you keep moving forward toward your goal. :~)