Sunday, February 07, 2010

dropping like flies

We have lost five staff members in the last two months.

It's upsetting, because it's hard for the kids and it's hard for those of us who knew and liked working with those people.

But I certainly don't blame them and mostly, I'm jealous of them that they got to leave. Hmm.


kherbert said...

I'm guessing that you mean they left the job.

We have lost 1 parent to cancer, and had a double murder that involved a staff member's family. That left 4 children without a Mother and Grandmother - and a father in jail facing a death sentence.

Several staff members are out on FMLA for terminal family members. Several others are out FMLA for their own illnesses.

Still it is better than the year one staff member died in her sleep, and 2 students (K and 2nd) were murdered by their father.

J said...

oh, that's so terribly tragic. i'm so sorry.

yes, i mean teachers leaving the school.

Ms. M said...

Wow! Five teacher have left? That is NOT normal!

dramamath said...

We have lost two this year, which is huge for us. Typically, we may lose one every 4-5 years.

bun2bon said...

eventful year huh? this probably sounds insensitive, but does this mean there will be more job openings for 1st year teachers, like me, in the fall?