Wednesday, February 10, 2010

goofball stories

I keep thinking of tidbits to post on here, but they're none of them very happy at all. This job has me focused on the fatigue, neverending admin tasks, and the endless planning in which I'm drowning. I'm not a very happy person at this job, and this makes for either an unhappy and repetitive blog, or an empty one.

But I remembered that I have been collecting Goofball anecdotes. He's been a bit more annoying and talkative lately, but he still is so cute (in a nicely immature way [as opposed to an annoyingly immature way]) and he catches me off guard with unexpected sweetness.

It was the afternoon, and everyone was leaving for Christmas break. Out of nowhere, he goes, "Did anyone tell you you're a nice teacher?"
I said no.
"Well, I'm telling you."
"What if I'm not a nice teacher?"
"You still are, cause you teach."
"But what if I teach but in a not-so-nice way?"
"Doesn't matter, you teach kids, so you're a nice teacher."


We have a schoolwide token-type system. I've assigned two students to hand them out, because I already have like four systems I can't remember. One morning during morning meeting, he handed one to me. He said, "here, for you, for teaching."


We were walking down the stairs and he asked me, "Do you run the tracks?"
Me: "No, I don't. Why, do you think I need to? Are you saying I'm fat???"
"No, you're skinny, that's why I thought you did."
Then another kid piped in that goofball said I walked too fast for my age.
I asked what that meant and a third goes, "He means you're really old and creaky."
Then I grabbed ears all around.


Have I mentioned the BFG? I have a Big (mostly) Friendly Giant in my class. This week, after learning in another class about the lunar new year, he came up to me and asked what year I was born. I said something about not telling him that. He wanted to know what animal year I am. "Chicken?" he said. "Dog?" with a smirk. I narrowed my eyes and told him he was being inappropriate.

A few minutes later, he and another couple students were chatting. One of them called over to me, "Did they have cheerleading in your school?" I said yes. "Were you a cheerleader?"
BFG goes, smirking again, "She couldn't make it." "Hey!" I snapped.

Then another one goes, "Are you married?" I was actually about to answer this for once, when BFG pipes up, "That's too personal! You can't ask her that!"

I goggled at him. "You ask me that question like once a week!"


I was doing some kind of lesson about something or other. Who knows, really. A kid randomly called out, asking how old I am. I said, "Old enough."
Student 1: 29!
Student 2: 34!
Student 1: She's not that old!


Branden said...

Haha, don't you love it when students try and guess a teacher's age?

Miss Brodie said...

Bit long your vacation ...aren't you going to do another post?