Sunday, April 18, 2010


You know, I've updated so many times in my head that sometimes I forget I'm neglecting the real blog. Oh well.

The BFG continues to ask lots of out-of-left-field questions. Things like:

in the middle of math, "You're a nice teacher. That's why you have a cat."

on the way to dismissal, "Can I have one of your earrings? Please, just one?"

on the stairs, "Miss is a model! Her name is Miss Trixie!"

during a transition, leaning his head on my shoulder, "Can I be your best man?"


Upbeat Girl asked if she could have my diamond ring, which sparked finally the discussion of if I'm married or engaged and what the difference is, and of course questions about if they can see my fiance. I said maybe I'd bring in a picture.


Last week was a really long, late week. No fun. I am ready for summer now.


However, there were some fun things. One was that I shared the book list with the kids. Once we started talking about it, me telling them what was on the list and asking who had read what, and them asking if certain books were on the list. They were unimpressed with Charlotte's Web being number one, and thought Stuart Little should be up there instead. Kids started pawing through the book bins and looking at the list on their own. It was really cool to see them so excited! And about books!

I made a little adjustment after we came back from spring break. In the afternoon, after our break, I have them read silently. I keep the lights off sometimes too. And though there are always a couple kids who have a hard time settling down, most of them don't; they crack open their books right away. And by god, it gets QUIET. Do you know how much I love quiet? I really do. Also, do you know how much I love to see a class of kids reading on their own? A whole lot. As an extra bonus, it gives me a few minutes to chill out, maybe mark papers, or get things in order for next period.

I actually hate to stop them. Once the Dreaded Tests are out of the way (so soon!) I hope to wiggle more reading time for them during the day.


I keep finding books that I want to share with my kids but have despaired at how, even with a long fucking day, there is no time for that kind of read aloud. I want my kids to read the Phantom Tollbooth, and a week ago I started reading another book aloud to them, called No Talking by Andrew Clements. I do just one chapter, at the end of the day if they've packed up quickly enough so that we still get to dismissal on time. They are loving it! The story intrigues them and they usually want me to keep reading. Hurrah!


It was Charlie Chaplin's birthday the other day, and since of course none of my kids knew who he was, I decided to show them a clip. I wasn't sure if they would like it, since of course all his work is black and white and wordless.

But. They. Loved. It. They laughed out loud the whole time. They were delighted. They begged for more! How awesome is that?


Right now I would like to beg for more weekend. Can anyone help with that? :)


TeachEnEspanol said...

I had a 5th grade boy ask me if he could be my flower girl when I get married.

Also, I agree with there not being enough time in the day for read-alouds!

Oh, and I'll do my best on that whole weekend request. :)

Clix said...

hahaha... I *love* Andrew Clements. I had one of my SOPHOMORES choose to read No Talking for her choice book. Fun story :)

Schoolgal said...

Well Memorial Day weekend is the best I can do, but I am a big believer in using a mental health day as long as it is not abused because no one really understands how exhausting this job is.

mr. midge man said...

Hello... I am an English major at a small Liberal Arts school in Ohio who was told to write a blog for his intro to computing class...
I complied (check me out I have some poetry and a few short stories on it) I
was also told to post comments on ten people's boards so... Mr. Midge Man strikes again!

citygirl said...

have you ever tried getting supplies/resources from when i was in the classroom, i got a set of science videos, a tv, a vcr, etc... you have to write up a proposal, and they match you with a donor...