Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The wedding is this weekend!

It still hasn't quite hit me yet that this is all real. :) It's getting closer though because my family and friends have descended upon NYC for fun and wedding stuff. Love seeing people here for the first time!

Oh, here's some exciting news--I upgraded my camera! When I bought the D80 on a semi-whim in December 2008, I told myself I needed to keep it for two years. (I had only gotten the D40x six months before.) It's been a year and a half, and it was one of my goals for this year. I successfully saved up enough for a D300s, and in less than six months! I decided to use my money a little differently, a little smarter. I bought a used D300 and a used lens (85mm f/1.8) for about the cost of a new D300s body only. Squee! It is so clicky and comfortingly heavy. I love it. And even though it hasn't been quite two years that I promised myself, I think I've learned a lot and can use the new camera as an investment with more paid photography.

Earlier this summer I was able to second-shoot a wedding, and I rented the D300 and two lenses. I kept my D80 out too, and both lenses on that body were so slow and the shots were not very good.

One reason I bought it so quickly this month is that I got a portrait gig and wanted to use the good camera! It went really well and if it wasn't the wedding month I would be already done editing and processing. :) I love taking portraits and really want to get more bookings!

I hope to take some interesting city shots after the wedding madness dies down and will try to post some here. And maybe I will find some faceless wedding photos to post too! Earlier this summer I said to someone that I will have to really fight the urge to pick up the camera on the day itself...but now I think I want to take some, at least a few when I can. I'm so excited to have our awesome pro photographer capturing everything and everyone, but I don't think I want to miss the opportunity to capture my own details. We'll see how it goes. :)


Clix said...

Congratulations for you!!

Ms. George said...

Blessings on you both!

Schoolgal said...

Best Wishes. I am so happy for both of you. (and getting that 2nd a/c was good too.)

It's your wedding and you concentrated on one of the most important elements--food!!

I hope you post some of your pics here too.