Monday, August 02, 2010

Holy cow

It's August!
The wedding is less than two weeks away!

I continue to love not teaching. Unfortunately I continue to have schoolmares occasionally. This past month has been busy with traveling and wedding plans and also trying to have some fun. :) We did get a second air conditioner, which has made life so much more bearable. Our reorganizing/redecorating scheme is progressing--I want it finished by this weekend. I'm really excited about it--we're working on making our place a little more sophisticated and not so cluttered with crap. (Really, that part is all me--I have a lot of crap. It makes me all anxious when I look around and see how much there is--how in the world am I supposed to eliminate or organize it all? Deep breath, one thing at a time.)

This month will also be very busy with friends, wedding events, and more travel. In theory I should have so much to write about, but a)my brain is pretty much mush and b)the wedding stuff is pretty personal. Oh, and we won't be taking a honeymoon--doing this wedding thing in only five months means there's no money or time to travel. So we figure we'll take one next year (I'm hoping for spring), once we decide on a destination and start budgeting.

Speaking of budget, we're doing the wedding for as little as possible. Photography and food are the biggest portions of the money. Other things have been a little more than we thought or a little less. We'd already eliminated or pared down some of the traditional and expensive elements (video, DJ, fancy flowers, expensive linens, limo). We still hope that the low-key wedding will be pretty and interesting.


Jaclyn said...

Don't worry - both the Shakespeare garden and Terrace in the Sky are beautiful, and don't require additional decorations. Everyone will have a lovely time, and it will be gorgeous!

Jaclyn said...

Oh, and I forgot to add that we didn't want a wedding video and only got one for my mom (she paid for it) and I think we might have watched it once, and didn't care too much about it. But photography was most important to us, and we were very glad to have focused our resources on that! You've done a very good job of highlighting what is important to you, and ensuring that the guests will have a lovely experience with good food, and a beautiful setting for the wedding. p