Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i found some holiday spirit in my cold dead soul

Y'all, Christmas trees are just heavenly. If it weren't so damn freezing outside, I'd happily spend the entire day sitting in the middle of the tree "lot" on the sidewalk across the street. They smell so good!

We used four entire strings of lights on this puppy (compared to two for our paltry fake tree that we also put up this past weekend), and have put a few ornaments on it. Our collection is pretty small so far, but I've gotten photo ornaments made the last three years, and we each have some ornaments from home (see my Nutcracker set below). My aunt gave us a lovely set of jeweled egg-type ornaments this year too.

I'm looking forward to slowly building our own story of ornaments over the years.


Schoolgal said...

It's beautiful.

Peruby said...

I love the mouse! How cute!