Friday, January 07, 2011

Goals: New in 2011

Since I was quite successful accomplishing many of my goals in 2010, I was eager to map out new goals for this year. I might have gone a little crazy; there must be thirty or more goals I wrote down just for me, along with a dozen or more for husband and me to do/accomplish together.

One of the goals is to post here once a week, and as I was pretending to sleep just now I suddenly realized that since I've procrastinated putting the goals post up here, it's been a week already! (I also mentally wrote some book reviews and then suddenly tried to remember the first name of the CTT teacher that I worked with my first year. I've racked my brain and even looked at a list of names that start with S and I still can't remember! It's killing me.)

So. I'm not ready with the big post about goals and reasoning and such just yet, but the photo is a beginning. Last year, in addition to finishing a third year of self-portraits every day, I also did a full Year In Photos of the calendar year. I'm doing it again this year, and so I thought it fitting that my first YIP would represent some of my goals for the year.

I'll be back soon with more exciting* details!

*Yes, that's sarcasm.

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