Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Year in Review (with photos), Part 2

Well, no doubt the first six months were really busy and eventful. The second half was a little quieter and a lot more fun.

--We traveled to Seattle again,

and had an absolutely perfect day at Mt Rainier.

--It was the hottest day ever and I got a little bit of heat exhaustion. Happily, we managed to get the last air conditioner at Costco, and lo, it changed our lives.

--There was plenty of time to hang out with friends and have adventures. One day, Ms. M and I took advantage of the Key to the City to see some new places.

--I went camping with some friends for a couple days upstate.

--I bought a new camera!

--Our families and friends spent a weekend in New York, and then we got married!!!

(there are so many gorgeous photos I wish I could share here....alas, they all have faces in them, plus they belong to our photographer. This is a friend's photo that I stole.)

--We went to Chicago to visit some of my family and then for my new husband's work trip.

--We 'remodeled' our apartment with some new furniture and a new layout. Exciting!

--Ms M. moved to Beirut. I miss her!!


--I was unemployed, but I got some temp jobs here and there.

--And I had time to hang out with friends! Here's my 'unique' bowling form:

--I started some baking adventures.

--I got back into crochet.

--I had lots of time to bike around and work out.

--I landed a job!

--I got to see friends at home and out on the town.

--I also did a model photo shoot and had a fantastic time!

--We went to the New Yorker Festival, where we saw Regina Spektor, Malcolm Gladwell, and members of Saturday Night Live. (Not all at once. Can you imagine the awesomeness that would ensue if they were?)


--I turned 31 and had a wonderful birthday out on the town. Plus my amazing husband got me an iPhone.

--I voted!

--I started another part-time/at-home job.

--I did two more model photo shoots! Loved it!

--We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends.

--I went on a business trip and was quite busy with work(s).

--After three and a half years, I finally made it to the dentist.

--I handmade several Christmas gifts.

--There was a lunar eclipse!

--With some friends, we visited the Dyker Heights Christmas lights.

--There was a big ol' snowstorm!!

--We've been playing a lot of Rock Band, and in particular I'm loving the keyboard!

--We celebrated our first married Christmas together, with our first real tree! It's been a lovely, quiet week.

--We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends.

It has been one hell of a year. Thank you for sticking with me, in these long months of ups and downs. I accomplished almost all of my goals for 2010, in part because of the support and feedback here.

I hope you had a fun New Year's Eve and a restful New Year's Day. I'm looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in 2011!


Schoolgal said...

Thanks for sharing your year's journey and progress!!! You are in a much happier place now. Best wishes for 2011. said...

sheesh, that was some year you had! it's overwhelming just reading it, so many highs and lows... but it sounds like things ended on a really up note, and that's a really good thing. :)


Ang said...

Oh you help me remember why I do not want to go back into teaching! So this makes me question why I working so hard to renew my license?