Wednesday, April 13, 2011

two quick things

1. I updated my links over there for the first time in what must be several years.

2. The President kicked some political ass in a speech about the budget! For some dumb reason, the NY Times replaced the article that I read about it earlier today, which included this quote:
"The president described the Republican plan for reducing the nation’s debt as one that would let roads crumble, accept mediocrity in education, stop caring for senior citizens and lead to as many as 50 million fewer people being covered by health insurance. He derided the Republican approach as one that would not invest in “education or clean energy” while giving away tax breaks to wealthy people."
I agree with everything that he said--yes, we must cut some spending, absolutely, but of course that will have to go hand in hand with raising tax revenues. Duh.

Woohoo, go Obama!

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Schoolgal said...

Wish I could share your enthusiasm, but that ship sailed away a long time ago. Obama is trying to reconnect to his base because an election is coming up, but what I learned is, it's not what he says, but what he does. And Duncan and the RTTT agenda IMHO is one of the worst ed plans for this country. I not only voted for him, I sent a donation. Buyer's remorse.