Friday, April 08, 2011

Hello and Happy Friday

Here's a happy spring photo for you, from last weekend:

I was coming back from a couple days in Boston, visiting my dad who was on a work trip there. It was nice to get away, to a city that seemed really quiet and clean. Also, there was some serious dessert!

I also saw a cherry tree that was starting to bloom:

A couple days ago one on my street started to show some petals too! Across the street is a magnolia that I've been monitoring--its buds seem to be working toward opening, slowly but surely!

Another spring sign are the two Mister Softees I spotted by schools on my way home. I just wish it weren't cold enough to need gloves today! Though I did hear that next week is supposed to be in the 60s--that's major progress!

(The political scene right now is so incredibly infuriating that I don't even want to talk about it. So instead, look, pretty spring flowers. :D)

I have three photo shoots this weekend--I'm really excited! One is at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I've never been. Wish this were coinciding a bit more with the cherry blossoms, but I'm sure it will be pretty nonetheless.

Also, we leave for Greece a week from Sunday!!


Schoolgal said...

Thank you for sharing those signs of Spring. The winter was a downer and you are so right about the political front. Glad you had a chance to connect with your dad.

J said...

Thanks, schoolgal! Hope you're seeing some much-needed spring signs too. :)