Thursday, June 16, 2011

Postcard Project!

Over the past eleven years, I have been collecting postcards. Not just ones that people sent me, but I would always buy a few whenever I traveled somewhere. I'd do some of the sights or of a city, and I would usually buy some of my favorite artworks at museums.

Some postcards ended up in scrapbooks, as a way to represent a lovely place that I couldn't capture myself. Unfortunately, only a few of my trips have been scrapbooked, so most of them were tossed into a drawer when I returned home from a trip. But even a few years ago I knew I wanted to do something with them, to display them somehow. I just couldn't figure out how, without glueing or taping them together. Then what if I had to move? Or what if I wanted to change something?

Enter Photojojo's fotoclips! When I first saw them last year or thereabouts, I knew they would help me do something about all those postcards! But I never got around to ordering them for myself. I strongly hinted to the husband once or twice that I really wanted some, and this month, he finally remembered to order them.

Finally time to do something with all those pretty pictures! First I had to sort through my craft drawers and find all the postcards. Then I organized them into piles by location, and counted them. Finally, I sorted them by orientation (far more landscape than portrait, in case you're interested).

The total? Over three hundred!

Last weekend, we decided to make some 'panels' and went about attaching the postcards together, not in an organized or planned way. Tonight we put them up on the wall of our bedroom!

Then I made two long gallery strips of the museum postcards, for our living room:

I am super excited to get some of these great things out for display, and to finally decorate our walls a bit!

There are tons more postcards, and more empty walls in the living room and kitchen...


Edna Lee said...

I LOVE this idea! I hate to say it, but you're gonna need to call the police. This idea has been officially stolen!

J said...

haha, love it! so glad to know you like the idea--go for it! :)

BH said...

Great idea! Thank you. How did you attach your panel to the wall? Any do's and dont's? Appreciate your idea and assistance in advance.