Monday, August 15, 2011

the paper anniversary

He is my husband.

He is so handsome!
He loves me, and sees the best in me.
He gives the best hugs.
He is strong, physically and emotionally.
When he gets frazzled, he lets me talk and calm him down.
When I get frazzled (which happens much more frequently), he gives me a hug and listens to me and tries to make me feel better.
He smells really good.
He likes to travel and is a great travel companion.
He's a great roommate--he always does his dishes and puts his clothes away.
He's forgiving when I'm not so quick with my own tidying.
He is health-conscious.
He makes up goofy songs about mundane things and sings them to me.
He works really hard, and always puts his all into everything he does.
He supports me emotionally.
He occasionally supports me financially.
He has never ever questioned or even blinked at my quirks.
Our hands fit perfectly together.
He's always up for adventure.
He is happy to have an at-home lounge day.
He is amazing at Rock Band.
He says silly things to make me laugh.
He is ever so patient with my photo things--happy to pose for me, willing to wait if I stop to take pictures.
He is passionate about sports.
He knows everything about government, American and British.
He is a smart cookie in general.
He makes me feel beautiful and special.

He is my husband of one year, and I am so happy for it. I can't wait for more years together.

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thepresentperfect said...

<3 Aww! Happy Anniversary!