Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Day 3 and flagging

Four more houses today. We decided to stop scouting for more houses, since we only have one more full day to look anyway. It's starting to get a little tiring, thinking about neighborhoods, prices, timing.

House #8 was a brand-new townhouse--beautiful everything, tons of closet space, amazing master bathroom, location in a decent, 'transitioning' neighborhood, not a lot of real outdoor space, and also the most expensive that we've seen. Overall this would be our second choice.

House #9 was basically a shithole. Terrible location, small rooms, all the materials super flimsy. Super cheap, but we both agreed that we would not actually accept money to live there, let alone pay anything.

House #10 looked and smelled like a frat house, though that's not the house's fault. Good space, finished basement, working wood fireplace, great location, but also too expensive.

House #11 was in a crappy location and was just old. The kitchen and bathroom need to be completely updated. The space wasn't bad, though two of the four bedrooms were teensy.

We have five more appointments for tomorrow, but also maybe a possibility of getting one of the houses we've already seen...keep crossing your fingers!

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