Friday, August 10, 2012

We got it!!

On Wednesday, we saw two more houses, but then we signed the lease on House #6!

We were almost torn between that and the townhouse (#8). The townhouse was so pretty, but it was also more expensive, and there wasn't much of any outdoor space (of any quality, anyway).

But we got the big house that we liked too! I think it will be great, because it's not actually too big; we won't need to scramble to furnish it because of too much open space. Our existing furniture will work nicely, and of course we'll need a few more/different kind of things to fill it all out, but we'll have a good start.

To recap the space: three bedrooms, three full baths, GIANT garage, basement storage with washer/dryer, beautiful period charm in the living room, good size kitchen with eat-in area, dishwasher, front lawn, porch-gazebo-type thing, view of Mt Hood from the master bedroom!

This is a HUGE relief. To be in a new city for less than four days and try to find a quality place to live for the next year...well, there was no guarantee that it would happen. We really lucked out being first in line on both of those places--and luck really is a lot of it. (The other big piece is Mister M's financial situation, which is great, and I feel so lucky for that too.)

Now that we have a future address all settled, it's time to buckle down for the rest of the work: finalizing the move plan and timeline, and then, of course...the packing.

I'm up to 15 boxes packed. We've got most of the books packed or ready to give away, some clothes packed, my yarn basket packed in a big box, and a bit of other things from shelves around the apartment. So it's a good start. But there is A LOT OF STUFF left everywhere that needs to be organized and boxed up. We've been a bit lazy and procrastinate-y on really getting going...but now we really have to get our shit together and get it mostly done.

Two weeks til moving day!


Teacher gardener said...

Congratulations on finding such a great house!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Portland!