Monday, July 16, 2001

07/16/01: Boo hoo, tomorrow we go home. Oh well, I know that it will be a relief to be back again and to have my own bed back. Plus all my clothes and a washer and dryer. That will be good. And I can't wait for some pickles and frozen pizza and other junk food. But the European junk food is so much better than the stuff at home. Like, no chocolate gelato anywhere, and crepes, when available, are way expensive. Boo hoo.

Last night we went to a show called "Art." It was funny. Tonight we are seeing the musical "Chicago." It has been quite awhile since I've seen a musical, I miss the theatre.

Today I wandered around a bit, to the Tower Bridge, through Regent's Park, and then around Oxford Street. Holy cow, the Mecca of the London shopping experience. It was amazing. You should be very proud of me, I have not bought books in almost a week. It's a struggle, I tell you. I just keep reminding myself of the books I already have to carry back, and how darn heavy they get. But I'm gonna get bored! I figure I'll buy a book at Heathrow, for entertainment on the plane. Even though they show three movies in a row on the long flight. That's okay. Books are good.

The other day, I met up with Sara Patterson from last year's Paris group. Hi Sara! We had fun. :) I'll put up that pic when I get it. Oh, and I'm going to scan in all my good photos from this year (hoping that most of them turn out well!) and all my sketches too. It'll take awhile, but I figured I'd let y'all know.

So I'm bored. Don't have anything else to say. I guess this is it. I will add on one more bit after I get home, just to record that.

See you all soon!

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