Saturday, July 14, 2001

Still the same day, but now I shall bring us up to speed. We got to London yesterday evening. Drove from Skye back to Inverness yesterday morning, and spent some time shopping and looking around. It's a nice town. Got the flight back to Luton, and after the coach dropped us at Victoria we got a black cab to our B&B. It's off our maps, so we're only vaguely aware of where we are.

This morning we just finished seeing the National Gallery. Love that place. Love the van Gogh, Michelangelo and da Vinci. Incredible, wonderful, amazing paintings. Genuises all. Sigh. Planning to visit the British Museum next, I believe, and a show sometime this weekend, perhaps tomorrow or Monday. That will be exciting; even though one of my main objectives of going to London last summer was to see as many shows as I could, I saw nary a one. Too frugal for my own damn good. We are definitely seeing one this time, though, and there's great ones to choose from.

I guess I should go, but I will be in touch now that we are back in a proper city. Sadly, today is Day 32 of our 35. A week from today I will be at home all adjusted and working as if I never left.

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