Thursday, July 19, 2001

07/19/01: Well, as you know by now, I'm back. It is Thursday, we returned on Tuesday night. It was a long and arduous journey. I am easily frustrated when all I want is just to get back, no hassles. Tuesday morning in London, I took the tube to Heathrow airport. However, being unevenly weighed down by bags and such, when the train lurched and I wasn't sitting yet, I fell completely over, in slow motion, three different levels. It was pretty pathetically funny. At the airport, we lounged about in the...lounge. I bought some duty-free goods, the perfume that I've liked for awhile, called, likely enough, Champs-Elysees. Yum. We had to jump through like six steps at the Vancouver airport in order to get to the flight to Seattle, what a giant pain in the ass.

Oh, and Monday was Chicago (the musical) in the West End, just a few blocks up from Trafalgar. We sat in the front row, which made it even more interesting. The show was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The two female leads were incredible, and the dancing was great and marvelous. The chorus men were gorgeous and fabulous. No one wore much of anything, which only made me appreciate all the more what incredible shape these people are in. Wow, wow. I love the theatre, I must go to more productions. London is the perfect place, they have theatres coming out their ears, and productions are way numerous.

So now I'm in that anxiously depressing state of remembering that I am now at home again, and things haven't really changed at all. I struggle because I want things to be different, I know that I have definitely changed, but those new bits of understanding don't have much relevance in my current everyday life. So banal. I hate this part. Boo hoo.

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