Monday, August 02, 2004

Last Monday

I mean, it's the last Monday of working, not something about a week ago Monday. Yeah.

On Friday afternoon, TPTB emailed the unofficial scores from the June 26 administration of the LAST and CST tests. Both are scored out of 300 and you need 220 to pass. I scored 293(!) on the LAST and 276 on the CST. Woohoo! I am so smart. Phew.

This weekend was nice, not too eventful. I read a lot, and slept a lot, saw a couple friends, and had a couple drinky- drinks. I finally cleaned the yucky bathroom--what an improvement. I even forgot about my homework until about 7pm on Sunday. Heh. Stupid homework. Actually, it ended up being kind of fun, if overwhelming. We had to come up with a classroom culture and overall blueprint. I decided, in a flash of true brilliance, to name my classroom Paris. Because obviously, I love Paris and everything Parisian. But here's the brilliant catch: PARIS will stand for Positive Action Results In Success, which will be the class motto. Is that not awesome? I'm quite excited about it. I'll have maps and pictures and street signs (how I wish I was at home to get all my cool relevant souvenirs!), and I will name places like the art center the Louvre, the listening center the Opera Bastille, the reading corner the Cafe. Ooh, fun.

Today I finally emailed some responses to craig's list postings for apartments. Will look for now at sharing with a random person. I've got a bit less than three weeks to find a place. Rrr. I hate moving!! Though this one should be fairly painless, since I have so little stuff with me. Just my suitcases, two boxes of clothes, and my computer. I don't believe I've acquired much of anything beyond that, just a few books and the sheet set. Hurrah for me for not being too broke to be materialistic.

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