Monday, August 23, 2004

New home!

Yesterday I moved! I was lucky to get help from a schoolmate, so it went quickly and painlessly. I set up my stuff as much as I could, like the computer and bed. Figuring out how to store clothes will be difficult, because the closet is teeny and I have no car to transport a shelf unit if I buy one. Hmm. And I won't have internet until next week sometime, because I refuse to spend $60 for a wireless adaptor to use for eight days. That means I have to come to the library or to QC for computers. Both are quite easy to get to from this new place.

It feels strange and surreal to live in a new place. It's exciting, though, to know that I can settle a bit, put down roots, get used to things. Also a little unsettling, because I'm not used to all that. I hate moving. I really hope it all works out, because I love to be at this place at least a year.

On Friday night, I wasn't sleepy even at 1.00am, so I got up and watched tv. I found a Frontier House marathon on PBS, and watched that until 6.30. It was fascinating! Look it up and have a look if you haven't already. Could you have made it as a homesteader in the 1880s? At the end of the 'project,' the kids and grownups who returned to their modern lives all talked about having too much space, being lonely even in their occupied house, and how there are so many shiny and distracting things, that it's quite boring and silly. I totally related to that, even though I do have some of those shiny things (but hardly any), and I found myself wishing that the rest of the reasonably-well-off Americans could get a taste of that idea. It's truly depressing to think about how many people are becoming obsessed with money, new toys and technology, but know nothing about how the earth works, or have weakened family/social relationships. It spells disaster for this country, albeit in very small letters. Because more and more, it's money that runs this nation, not individuals fighting for rights for themselves and others.

Oops, done politicking now. Sorry about that.

Saturday was fun. I saw Garden State for the second time, which I definitely recommend to everyone to see. It's a moving yet melancholy coming of age in your 20s drama. Later in the evening I met up with some AmeriCorps friends and bar-hopped into the morning. There was even some dancing, and not to that rap stuff either, it was oldies. Hurrah for oldies! I haven't been out on the town in New York all summer, so it was strange. I disliked the crowds and the smoke (yes, we went to several places that inexplicably allowed smoking. Blech.), I felt uncomfortable sometimes. I never know what to do in a bar. I don't drink that much, I don't even drink beer, I suck at pool, what am I supposed to do? That's why I always liked going to Dante's in Seattle, there is foosball and air hockey and more.

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