Monday, March 06, 2006


Holy crap, how is it still Monday night?

I got home after 4.30, which is kinda late for me. We had a faculty meeting after the minutes. Then I stayed a bit to finish up my bulletin board. (I don't put grades on the student work---shh!)

After stuffing my face with a zesty-cheese pizza-for-one and orange juice, as well as a Cadbury Egg (yum!)(I am a health nut, can't you tell?), as well as checking email etc, I was bored enough to actually work out. AND clean up my room, including vacuum. Dang!

If only tomorrow night was NOT class, I might actually stay bored enough to attempt working at home on either my thesis research crap or grading projects from a month ago.


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Gwennaƫlle said...

LOL. These days I just don't have this problem. Today is my Boyfriend's B-Day and in a week at the same time I will be on my way to Lyon for the CAPES.
On friday 17th when I finish the last part of this competition I will go with friends to celebrate St Partick's day I will wtach them get drunk and think they are stupid. Then on saturday I will take a good day rest and on sunday I start studying for the oral part of the competition. Knowing that I will take the oral part only if I pass the written part and I will know it on the 2th June!