Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday, Monday

First, I am feeling better, rest-wise, than I was all last week. Progress!

Second, during one of the book skits, in which the book was about a rural country girl in the 1800s, one girl said this line, "My mama didn't raise no fool!"

Third, I glanced over the extra credit essays that were turned in today. The assignment was to choose an interesting person from the abolition/suffragist movements (since they have found research and begun a timeline, they were aware of when and who this involved) and write about their work. Here are a few of the choice figures chosen: Louis Armstrong. Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King Jr.


Adolf Hitler.

I don't know WHERE that child has been, but it sure wasn't my class. Jeez.


Math updates:

Yes, I looked for actual classes. Half the CUNY schools either don't have summer sessions, or if they do, they don't offer math. The ones that do, their summer sessions either start in MAY and go during the day, or start later and end in mid August. And all of them go FOUR days a week.

And that all just sounds awful to me.

That's why I thought the CLEP would be a better option.

I saw a recommended college algebra tutorial site, so I went there yesterday and completed one of the basic tutorials on polynomials. Now, I'm not stupid; I learned all this stuff. But it was actually back in high school, and I never enjoyed or practiced math even when I was taking it. So it's nearly gone from my brain. The tutorial was exactly what I needed: a review of things that I once knew. I scrolled down, looking through their examples, and at the end I did the five practice problems. I got them all right!

That made me feel much better. Phew, I'm not an idiot, I'm just getting old. :)

However, I did take a look at that SUNY online catalog (thanks for the tip!), and found a good-sounding, liberal-arts type class that is done before July.

I would need to use some of my AmeriCorps money to pay for a class, so tomorrow I will need to call the advisor and get some more info, and see if that will be the best option after all.

Gah, math.


Lady S said...

I guess I need to take your class, I didn't think any of those people were from the abolition/suffragist movements.

Am I wrong?

Jules the Crazy said...

Nope, you're exactly right, that's why I called them "choice." I guess sarcasm is a little subtler in writing. :) sorry about that.

The figures we WERE looking for were along the lines of Harriet Tubman, Susan B Anthony, Frederick Douglass, etc. People from the first half or so of the 1800s.