Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday sweetness on IM

B: hi ms just in case im not on saturday or sunday i wanted to wish u a happy happy HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
ms: aw that's nice
ms: i'm not a mom or anything, but that's nice of you :-)
B: yes you are you are you tought alot of kids to grow up and be the very best they can be you thought me that and you was my mommy for 9 moths
B: months
ms: aw, how sweet!
ms: thanks so much!
B: your welcome you deserve it

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Miss B said...

One of the girls in my student teaching class (the class I miss terribly) gave me a drawing that says "Happy Mother's Day" today. She said, "I know you're not my mom, but this is for you...I miss you."

Honestly, kids are the greatest.