Sunday, May 06, 2007

go me

For the last three weeks, Saturday has been a rough day for me--I feel exhausted and run down. I actually took a nap yesterday for about half an hour. Which is unusual; half the time when I wake up to go to school and feel SO tired, I reassure myself that soon I'll be home again and can take a nap or go to sleep really early. Naturally, neither of those things ever happen. So as you can see, to actually take a nap means that I was really out of it.

Not only do I not keep those nap promises to myself on a regular basis, I also usually stay up too late on the weekends, because I'm a night owl. So last night I went to sleep after midnight.

This morning I found myself half awake at 6.45am, which is roughly my normal wake-up time. Boo! I tried to keep sleeping, but finally got up around 7.30.

Happily, I worked out for about 40 minutes soon after (Gilad's workouts are my friend!), and that makes three times in the last week. Lately I've been a bit lazy, exercising only once or twice a week. But in the last week, I've felt such a difference; I was only a little sore after Tuesday's 40 minutes, and not at all sore after Thursday's 20. And my abs come back pretty quickly; I can really feel the muscle definition!

Now it's still not even eleven, and I'm chilling in my pajamas (if I'm at home, I'm wearing sweats or pj's. Does anyone really wear actual clothes sitting around at home?) catching up on tv. It's another lovely day, and I should probably go out and enjoy it. But...I don't think I really want to. Later I may be able to convince myself to get dressed and walk the few blocks to the library, but don't count on it.

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