Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh, I'm supposed to update this thing?

I'm so obsessed with flickr now that I update there every now instead of here.

Also, it's kind of been a busy week, with after school appointments and trying to finalize the field trip stuff.

We've been working more through poetry, reviewing f!glang and working on looking for patterns, then using those patterns to write our own poems. I'm keeping it slow but not exactly simple. Today I introduced limericks. The way I do that is to show them a couple examples and have them figure out what the patterns and rules are. You know, inquiry-style. With prodding, they do get all the components. Then comes trying to compose one, and that, of course, is more difficult. I think we'll need more practice with them.

The two troublesome classes have had some good days this week. Perhaps it's the getting to go outside and play, so they're a little calmer and more tired, so they're not causing as much ruckus. Which doesn't mean they've all been angels all week, but overall a little better. Sort of. Except for the two whose parents I called yesterday in class (they were better today) and the two whose parents I called this afternoon (we'll see how tomorrow goes). My point is that there have been level 5 days~two for the PM class and one for the middle class. That is significant progress!

On Tuesday, I did an hour long workout, and this afternoon I did a half-hour one. I feel good! Also, strangely, I finally decided not only to clean my bathroom, but also to clear the floor for a long-overdue vacuuming! Hurrah me!

In other news, I bought some long-lasting lipstick, because my pale-ass face needs some color after the first fifteen minutes of the day, and I don't have time or effort to reapply during a day of teaching. I tried it today, and it worked!

Hey, guess what: tomorrow is Friday! Isn't that neato?

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CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Every teacher loves Friday!

One of my colleagues said to me yesterday, "Just five more Mondays!"