Wednesday, April 02, 2008

joke's on you

The Grey Bunnies came into my classroom yesterday after lunch, and they kept glancing at me and giggling. I gave the Look, and they'd look away, still giggling. The whole class kept looking at me! It rather unnerved me, and not just because I'd had to sleep. I thought that maybe something was on my face, or my outfit was ripped, or they noticed I was particularly ugly that day (no sleep! didn't care!). I stayed steely and went to collect the homework.

The first table just looked at me with empty desks. They just shrugged when I said, "No homework?"

I was unnerved by the still-looking-and-giggling, so I stood to the side, glaring and harrumphing at them.

A girl raised her hand. "I don't think anyone did their homework today." Barely repressed giggles.

"Oh really? Maybe we need a test then! Snarl!" glare glare.

"Miss! It's just a joke! April Fool's!"

"Haha," I said, unamused, stalking to my desk. I glared at them some more. But then I couldn't help a small smile unfolding on my face, and the class erupted in whoops and cries. "Ooh, we got you, Miss!" They were quite proud of themselves. I said dryly, "The real joke would have been *everyone* doing their homework!"

After a minute or so of their hysterics, I told them to quiet down and get to work. And they did.

Last period, the Herd walked in and sat down. They kept their desks were completely empty and they were looking at me expectantly.

I walked across the room and tried not to laugh. "Won't work on me, guys! Get to work!"

They groaned and I did laugh. "[Grey Bunnies] already did it, they ruined it for you!" They went, "Aw, man!" and laughed ruefully, and got to work.

As shitty as the day was for me yesterday, it really wasn't too bad. These kids are goofballs but for the most part are sweet and innocent enough. And somehow, I've earned their respect and they work for me (well, with prodding, often, but still). Thank god.

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17 (really 15) more years said...

Aww, you poor baby, you are tired! Save this for next year- when they come in, tell them to clear their desks. Remain stoic. Hand out papers face down. Insist that they do not turn them over until everybody receives a "test" paper. Be dramatic. Tell them when they can begin- the paper says, "GOTCHA- APRIL FOOL'S!!"

This works better if the top half of the paper really looks like a test- keep them guessing for a bit (I had mine panicked until they got to the joke, lol).